Stor svart skogis söker nytt hem

Söker ett hem: Stor svart norsk skogskatt (ca 6 kilo)
Namn: Beppe (Black Eyed Peas)
Ålder: Ca 1-2 år

Beppe bor i dagsläget hos oss som jourhem sen i början av sommaren från Åkeshovs Kattstall och söker ett hem. Han var från början väldigt skygg och det tog oss ca en månad att få honom att överhuvudtaget våga vara i närheten av oss. I dagsläget efter tre månader så är han extremt kelig men fortfarande skygg och gos sker på hans villkor.

Han söker sig till sällskap men är fortfarande nervös inför nya människor. Han kommer däremot inte något vidare överens med våra katter, ej säker på om det handlar om att fastställa territorium eller dominans men två av våra tre katter avskyr honom vilket ställer till lite problem (pga att de fick stryk av honom).

Tycker om: Strimlad kalkon / kattmynta / Bli kliad under hakan
Hobby: Jaga fötter som finns under täcken

Shadowrun Wars - Episode VII, The Borked Hope

Hanzu "Han" Sulu, a rouge and smuggler and his partner in crime Charlie Choo-Ba-Ka, a huge Sasquatch that packs a large crossbow with underslung SMG.

These two intrepid smugglers are a hunted dynamic duo with a price on their head.

Texas crime boss Jeb Hutt have put a price on their head and notorious bounty hunter Bob “Bubba” Fatman intend to collect it. Jeb hutt presently resides in his home the luxury zeppelin “The Discostar”.

One of their old enemies are Dark Empire Records who wants revenge on them for a rather famous heist and smuggling run of the bootleg collection of “Strikes Back” from emo band singer Darrel “Dark” Vaden, lead singer of “The Darkside Band”.

Constantly angry because he was born with the name Annie Ken and raised by his mother as his dead beat dad, who was also a rocker with the stage name Might of Chlorine, bailed on him. One suppose being a boy growing up in Nevada desert barrens town of Tattoo and being called a girls name like Annie would be emotionally scarring.

The CEO of Darkside records Dirk Sidious lost a huge revenue from the supposed lost income due to the rampant piracy of underground record company Rebel Records who sold many of the “Strikes Back” songs – rebel records mysteriously lost one of their underground stores in Alaska last winter. He has given his full support to Darrel in his hunt for the illusive smuggler.

There is also a rumor floating around that Darrel have children who might have inherited his musical gift and Dirk Sidious is highly interested in tracking them down, mainly to take their fathers place as lead singers in the band – Darrel has gotten a bit too whiny as of late.

Sadly, Darrel killed the mother for hanging out with this other singer. He heard her call out "Oh B. one... more time" and it all went downhill from there. But it confirmed that Duke Skyscraper shares his musical instincts. The daughter, while possessing potential, has instead chosen a career as a gold bikini clad stripper using the stage name "Lay-Ahh Orgasmic".

Duke Scyscraper is presently living at a soyfarm in Arizona where he’s perfected his driving technique in a T-16 Barnhopper for the annual Farm racing festival when not purchasing stolen goods from JawaHaul smugglers.

Darrel also had a couple of drones that was lost in the heist and most likely sold by Hanzu. The last known location of Goldenrod and R2Detour is that they are working as servants in the same club as Scyscrapers sister. Goldenrod is hanging around the clubs fixer as a translator while R2Detour is handling plumbing and serving drinks.

Dark Side Records is also known for having their own security force to enforce their copyright on their record labels. Rumors have that they have alsmost perfected cloning of a fully grown human with the essential mind intact to function as a dumb but effective enforcer.

The drawback is they are all incompetent in handling any kind of firearm and usually die from sheer shock when hit by a bullet...ANY bullet. This is mainly because they are trained dancers and usually travel as the "Storm Troupe" dancing team.

They have been known to actually hit large corporate land trains of the "JawaHaul" class - even when they move. JawaHaul have stopped all cooperation with Darkside Records and is suing them for persecution and racism as all JawaHaul employees are usually Gnome monks (religious beliefs unknown).

There is a rumor of a rival small time talent scout named Yodler who is a master musician and an expert yodeller who is looking for Skyscraper. He is a very short asian goblin with huge ears who is deep into far-eastern spirituality and lives somewhere near Florida in a place called Dago's Bay. He also used to be, legend has it, a senior Executive at Temple Records and exclusively wears JediKal robes, even though they're really out of fashion these days.

He also is a master mystical adept of absolutly staggering initiative grade. He might make for a good mentor but for his geas to garble sentences so they're hardly understandable anymore.

Dark Side records also have plans to expand their offices in Amazonia in the local rainforest and meet fierce resistance from the native Eye-Wooks, a Menehune metavariant with cyclopean features.

Then we have Hanzu's buddy at a floating offshore drilling station - Landen Calgreasian. Hes a fixer/face, runs the Wave City mining operation with his chromed cohorts. He originally owned the LAV Awakening Falcon, but lost it to Hanzu. But everything still seemed on the up and up... right up until he sold Hanzu out to Darkside Records.

MORE Cats!

Right, we have now become a jourhem (watch-home?) for cats.

Kattstallet (catstable) in Åkeshov had two VERY shy cats that needed attention so we decided to take them both in.

Black Eyed Peas is a (pitch) black norweigan forest cat with yellow eyes that we hardly see - he's extremely wary around humans and hides under the bed or behind the TV. He's gonna take some time.

Darth Vader is a very young possible crossbreed between a siamese cat and a regular housecat, also pitch black. He's also wary around humans but he almost forgets that when there is ham/food/meat around.

Darth feels like he's gonna be quite easy to domesticate, especially since he has quickly become a pal with Nimitz.